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Originally Posted by Cracked1701 View Post
That would be my only gripe about the Akira. It really is such a little thing so it shouldn't really bother me any. The way I figure it though, if you're any real distance away from another ship, you're not going to see the name painted on the hull anyways, no matter how big the letters are. So there would have to be something in the User Interface telling you what ship you're looking at and so on. So why not just make the name and registry number as they are normally seen, and let the UI tell you what the ship name is.
The idea if size, itself, is one that I could live with if it's particularly important to Cryptic that a starship's name be visually identifiable - if, in fact, that's the reasoning.

More important, I think, is the issue of color, font and content. I think the use of the color red and what appears to be a script-based font exaggerate the size issue and appear unduly jarring. As well, the absence of the moniker "USS" and the registry, "NCC-12345" is notable change and does materially change the character of Starfleet vessels.

I think, above all, the issue of content is the most important one.