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03-05-2009, 11:28 AM
I'm liking the sound of the Episodic content more and more. Its going to be so refreshing to have a mission set like the one described instead of the same old, go here kill ten things, bring back their loot, etc.

Those screenshots look awesome as well. The first one with the Akira speeding away from the planetoid is great and gives a nice underbelly shot of the ship. I'm sure the name is purely advertising and when we name our ships we'll get the whole NCC registry number and the USS prefix if we so choose. The second shot of the Akira looka amazing as well and I like the name placement better on the saucer.

The ground avatars are looking good too. The Klingons look ready for a fight, those dishonourable saboteurs. :p
Lastly, that Orion ship looks like it might pack a punch!

Thanks Devs for the great screenies!