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Originally Posted by Archanubis
Absoultely true. There's been a lot of fan speculation regarding that particular ship (one particular good one is that the BoP was "dropped off" by a mothership of some sort, or at least towed close enough to a point to perform its mission). Especially since ENT (which is regarded by CBS as canon, whatever your personal opinion is :p) is that the Romulans did have warp drive capabilies since the 22nd century.
This is actually a very likely reason. Think about it. We know from Enterprise that the Romulans used drones as well rather than commit troops and ships to de-stabilize a region of space. Even in TNG/DS9 Their military is built to be efficient, swift, and tactical but not so strong in a direct head-to-head matchup.

If the Romulans intended to attack a well-armed and potentially vast alliance, that they knew very little about, committing a vast arsenal of expensive warships requiring rare dilithium, antimatter, and technology woudl cost you a lot to build and be a huge risk. A strategy of building vast carriers/motherships to drop of cheap expendable warships has a lot of advantages when you cannot be certain who has the upper hand and you need to deal an offensive war. This is why carriers became more important than battleships during World War II naval combat.