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02-02-2012, 03:34 PM
Originally Posted by Seldrin View Post
Did you think that the reason it didn't do that to your lvl 23 klingon was because it was low level?
Any player going in from level 5 but under 44 is automatically raised to RA LH 44.

I've done it on 5 toons including a new, level 6 one. Didn't even bother to fill up the BO slots after doing it the first time. Easy and quick without using any powers.

I misunderstood the talk leading up to this. I understood that in order to get the ship you would have to log in at least once each day and complete 4 missions before the ship was rewarded to you.
I think I'd have preferred that. Within 15 minutes of the even starting the space around ESD was littered with Odyssey class ships as far as you could see. Makes it all seem a bit like less of a reward. It would have been just as easy and satisfying if I just found it in my bag when I logged on.