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02-02-2012, 03:37 PM
Would've been a golden opportunity for some Trek theme music like the Shipyard Departure from The Motion Picture or the main theme from Generations during the Enterprise-B's launch.

BTW, there are some glitches that has caused CTDs during the cutscene playback.

With Mars, the shipyard is different than the one in the KDF mission. But adding Phobos and Demos (Mar's Moons) was a nice touch. Though seems a bit too close to mars and seems rather missized from my perspective.

Also the sun needs to match the sun in Earth's Orbit.
if they could have, they would have added it but there are things like getting paying for the rights to use it (which is expensive)

but either way, music and slightly off things aside, it was a pretty cool cutscene to gloss over the Odyssey and watch her leave spacedock in Mars

plus, the ship has 6 Boff slots, KEEPING the Universal LtC and Ens slots, and ADDED an Eng Sci slot... so despite what we were told, the Odyssey only got added on to

i can only imagine what the +1 version will be like