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02-02-2012, 03:40 PM
I think it was a stupid idea, anyway. Even for the Klingons. I mean, you spend God knows how many resources designing the premiere battleship of your Empire, and your first instinct is to fly it into the heart of your enemy's territory, by itself, where you are surely to get a full fleet response?

Even if the Bortas could take the Odyssey on, they should've known they wouldn't stand a chance vs the Odyssey + every ship within range of the CAPITAL OF THE FEDERATION. When the Bortas came, I was backed up by two battleships and a dreadnaught. The Bortas didn't stand a chance.

Klingons might be reckless from time to time, and absolutely very aggressive, but they're not complete idiots. If they were, we'd have wiped them out centuries ago.