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02-02-2012, 04:07 PM
Originally Posted by LewsTelamon001
Actually, it's a Silver restriction that is removed upon ONE of the following conditions being met:

1. Carrying a C-Points balance. (For this purpose, free points obtained via offers DO count)
2. Purchasing, or having ever been billed for, a C-Point purchase or a sub.
3. 20 hours of aggregate game play.
Spent a while looking at this in the hope I wouldn't have to spend money ( I'm Scottish and tight as a badgers bum )

I have been playing for over 2 days 12 hours.

I bought two c store points in game with dilithium. ( I have a balance of 2 :p )

Still no posting permissions outside of tech support.

So I'm thinking option 2 is the only one that actually works.