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# 1 Diplomatic missions
02-02-2012, 04:09 PM
Okay, I'm lost.

I know just a week or so ago on my "new" Feddie engineer, I was able to do diplomatic missions. I remember distinctly I was able to do a mission on Vulcan where I had to uncover a plot to assassinate a Romulan ambassador. I believe it was called Ancestral Sin.

I also see that I'm supposed to achieve the rank of Attache once I reach 160 diplomatic exp.

I started a science officer, hellbent on leveling only in explorations and diplomatic missions, the "Federation" way. Well, that Science officer is now level 12 and I just hit 170 diplomatic points.

And I have nothing. No Attache rank, no diplomatic missions..

Someone in-game told me I now needed 2,500 diplomatic exp? That's insane..It took me a week to get 170..