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02-02-2012, 05:40 PM
There's another option, but it's trickier. Use an NPC group instead of a contact. So, your informant will have to have some back-up somewhere in the vicinity.

Wall off all the enemies behind invisible walls so they won't attack. Then place a map dialogue and trigger it via component reached or something like that. Set this set of invisible walls to disappear when that dialogue completes. Next, place a second set of invisible walls in the same location that appear via dialogue prompt reached on the "non-kill" option.

The result of this is that the invisible walls will keep the NPC from attacking until the dialogue is complete. And, if you choose not to kill them, another set of invisible walls will continue to keep them from attacking afterwards.

The reason to do it this way and not have the invisible walls disappear on component complete is that it prevents the enemies from attacking prematurely, causing the dialogue to minimize uncompleted.

One little tip: if possible, try to place the invisible walled enemies in areas where the player probably won't go too close to. Sometimes the stupid BOffs will "jump" invisible walls, so it's better if you have the dialogue trigger before the player is that close, and keep the other walled NPCs out of the way where the player probably won't go too close to.