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02-02-2012, 04:58 PM
Well, there's a workaround for everything... We Trekkies know that like no other fanbase.

I always had this mental image of six or eight of those V-shaped Starfleet vessels, built without warp coils or reactor (presumably cause exotic metals and dilithium would be hard to come by, and it lets them use an existing production line), carrying heavy nuclear cap-buster warheads in their nacelle housings instead, latching onto the container ports of J or Y-class freighters, conscripted for the war, to deliver them to whereever the fighting is. Travelling in convoys escorted by the handful of NXes and half-saucers they had.

But it's not like the warp thing was a very big concern to me, and if it had been, it'd have been First Contact's fault for giving humans warp 1 a century before that war even happened. If TOS didn't pin a date on it right at the start. My gripe with Enterprise will always be what it could've and should've been, not what it was...