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02-02-2012, 06:32 PM
The unintended nerf went too far, but the original value was too large and made the console a must-have item for everyone. Instead of reverting the console to it's old value, you should put it to somewhere in-between if you want to make the game more balanced. The way the console used to work you had no choice but to slot it if you wanted to be effective. If that's the case, you may as well just boost everyone's shields by 35% and remove a console slot to accomplish the same goal.

That being said, if you return the console's to exactly their old value, for the love of God make sure that they no longer stack.

The force-able removal of the console from it's engineering slot was also quite the rude surprise to a lot of people, especially science vessel captains who would prefer to keep it there. The worst thing that can happen now is a stealth fix to the console removal bug, so that people who log in after a later patch can keep the console in an engineering slot. This would effectively make some science vessels gimped, and give others a permanent advantage. [b]Please don't do that Cryptic.[b]

The console should have never been moved, but now that it has it is not going to be moved back. I also can't see Cryptic going around and offering to put the +35 console back into it's engineering slot for everyone that wanted theirs to be grandfathered as was promised. Best solution I can think of is to just make it so you can equip the console in either an engineering or a science slot. This would effectively let Cryptic keep the promise they screwed up, make science consoles more valuable like the original intent, and not create two tiers between people who were able to keep their console in an engineering slot and those who couldn't. Win/win/win, and a simple change.

Credit were credit is due though, good work buffing the other science consoles back to parity with the bonuses other consoles give you. This was probably the only change that was ever necessary.

In terms of under-powered consoles though, what happened to power boost consoles? +7 power was never really overpowered, and +3.5 is more or less not worth wasting a slot on. These really need to be restored to the original value, and aren't even worth looking at if they don't give at least +5.

Also, good work on returning the Maco shields to the point where they are not completely unbalanced. Unfortunately, the same can be said for the KHG shields. Like the Maco's, they also have an extra cap modifier that should be removed. They also have a very nice proc, but the probability is far too high. 25% is going to proc almost immediately given the amount of hits each ship can dish out a second. Somewhere between 5-10% would quite a bit better.

I hope Cryptic has learned some much needed lessons in terms of QA between this and the maco shield disasters. It also seems that the devs knew about the problem with grandfathering the consoles before the patch went live, but couldn't stop it because the patch was attached to the 2 year anniversary event. There's another lesson: In the future, don't couple systems or balance changes with content changes that have a tight schedule. Keep them separate so you aren't forced to put stuff you know is broken onto live.