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02-02-2012, 08:09 PM
Originally Posted by HappyHappyJoyJoy View Post
Two things:

1) Since the goal that was specifically stated was to NOT change the end value of the console, WHY is this a temporary fix considering it achieves the goal. Consistency? There isn't a lot of consistency in Engineering consoles and I don't see anyone complaining about that. Beyond that, the "consistency" of Science consoles is one of the main complaints (read: reasons they suck). We WANT them to do more than just buff science skills, which apparently is the goal of changing this again. This is the problem with Science consoles. This is why we don't like them. If someone bothered to actually read the feedback this should have been readily apparent, and doing this is the exact opposite of what pretty much all the feedback indicated.

If it's working as intended and giving the proper bonus (which from what we're told, is what reverting it should lead to).... LEAVE IT ALONE. Stop trying to fix what works and work on what doesn't. This is becoming an incredibly bad habit of the STO team. You keep making needless changes to stuff that works and then breaking it as opposed to fixing what doesn't work. Stop that. Seriously. Stop it.

2) These are STILL going to be Science Consoles? So that means that everyone who had them Overflowed (read: everyone) won't be able to reinsert them into the Engineering slots which we were specifically told they would not be moved from. How is THAT going to be fixed? And if you CAN'T fix it, should I be expecting a lump sum of Dilithium equivalent to my Blue Mk.XI Engineering and Science consoles? Because the last Science console rework already caused me to have to trash pretty much every Sci console I had, since they were made utterly worthless to all of the characters who owned them. This will essentially be the second time in about a month that I will have to replace my consoles with DIlithium out of my pocket?

Am I actually supposed to want to put time and effort into this game playing it when the developers keep doing stuff that screws over my characters and makes the time I spend a total waste?

You want to fix something? Leave the Field Generator giving a percent bonus like it's supposed to and has always worked, and instead fix the double blunder of borking our consoles twice by giving us a refund on DIlithium spent, or a method to exchange Rare Mk.XI consoles on a 1-for-1 basis so our time getting all these nifty new paperweights wasn't entirely wasted.



... ... *sigh* who am I kidding, this is going to be ignored too.

I would also like to suggest making the console a science and an engineering console so you can slot it in either type of console slot. This is the only reasonable way I can think of to amicably resolve this blunder.