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02-02-2012, 07:50 PM
Originally Posted by matteo716 View Post
why did cryptic out right lie about the console that was changed from engineering to science, saying it was not going to be moved unless we moved it and then it could only go into science consoles slots.

why did they lie right to our faces?
It wasn't a lie. I'm sure Geko meant for what he said to happen. They just screwed up. A lot actually, since the console also got nerfed unintentionally. And they knew about both issues. And went live anyway.

Still, not a lie. Just massive cluster****tastrophe that will probably never see an adequate resolution. Well, an adequate resolution for the end user anyway.

Originally Posted by Captain_Starblazer View Post
You should return/delete the ship if you are not satisfied with it, pretty simple answer.
Next time read the post before responding. This isn't about the ship, it's about the console fiasco.