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02-02-2012, 09:42 PM
Originally Posted by Kulzar View Post
I love Enterprise, and I think Scott Bakula did a great job as the captain! But maybe I'm biased, it is afterall the show I watched every week with my father. Apart from the movies and the occasionnal TNG rerun, I only got to watch the other series recently (just finished DS9 and Voyager).

Something a lot of people don't remember : the first seasons of Voyager AND DS9 had some of the most awful episodes I've ever seen. They both get a lot better after, but even the worst episode of Enterprise cannot compare in mediocrity with them. Don't take it wrong, I love both series <3, but I think the overall quality of ENT was actually better.
I did feel the same with DS9 and lost momentum halfway through, but somehow I got hooked to Voyager and watched it till the end. Might be the characters appealed more to me.