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02-02-2012, 10:24 PM
Originally Posted by Joshmaul
Just a rehash? It's like the Star Cruiser bridge pack I bought all those eons ago, the only difference being the addition of the Odyssey MSD in certain spots. The Bortas bridge didn't even do that, the MSD on the console at the back of the bridge is that of a Raptor, and the bridge is just like the ones used for carriers.
Here let me reiterate that to everyone:

The Bortas didn't get a "special" bridge like the Odyssey did.

People with the Odyssey got a special rehash of a C-Store "Emissary" bridge.

People with the Bortas got the free, in-game, "Kahless" CARRIER bridge for their BATTLECRUISER.

ie No special bridge for the Bortas.