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02-02-2012, 11:11 PM
Originally Posted by BenjaminMaxwell View Post
I'm tickled pink that the Odyssey isn't turning out to be the one-shot-wonder so many of the kiddies were hoping for. When I tried to point this out prior to today, I mostly got "STFU n0Ob! U don noe wut u r talkin bout!!!111oneone" in response.

Nice to now see that people are finally realizing what I've been saying all along.
you tried to warn us, and none of us listened, and now we are all suffering so badly it hurts deep deep inside, if only we had realized the truth that you had been pointing out all along, maybe some of us would have been spared this horrible tragedy. I can only pray that all of us seek out your wisdom in the future, and that the damage can somehow be a lesson in humility towards the vast knowledge you tried to give us.