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02-02-2012, 11:55 PM
Originally Posted by Hravik
I just find the KDF mission so out of place. On the one hand I understand they pretty much cut and pasted one mission to the other, on the other hand I find it way out of character for Starfleet to just roll up and say 'Nice ship, open fire LOLZ'.

I mean, the Odyssey is being lauded as the next step forward in exploration, so naturally the first true test should be to pick a fight and take it into combat...wait, what?

Very lazy of them.
This. It is an huge disappointment, but hey this game is all about shooting and killing things, so it is in-game-canon.

EDIT: I actually cannot complete the mission on fed site because after completing the shakedown mission I cannot go back to Sol. I couldn't load Sol system for 30 minutes straight and not its undergoing maintenance. I'm actually kind of ****ed about that. Too many players. F2P doesn't work that way. We need split servers, ******mit.