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02-03-2012, 03:06 AM
While I don't use the 360 controller I do use the logitech dual action controller, and have it set up with like this:

First the buttons on the Dual action are a little different from the 360 but it's easy to get used to.

Button 1 = Ab
Button 2 = Bb
Button 3 =Xb
Button 4 =Yb

Other than that all the others are the same as on the 360.

Now onto my mappings, After reading the first part of this thread to learn basic mapping I discovered the following works best for me:

I use the 3 X 10 layout divided into 5 slots each using the X, Y, A and B buttons in their respective slots, and the Right joystick button as a 5th button, that way I can hit any attack or power with my right thumb, I set it up so the Trigger and shoulder buttons work the same way as control and alt do on the keyboard, right ones controlling the 2nd and 3rd lines of slots.

You may wonder, but what about the right side of the first line, which is normally activated by the left trigger. Easy, I remapped the left stick button to activate those. So I have 6 5 button sectors to choose from.

I also set my select button to activate my scanner, the Start button is the interact button. Throttle control is done by the D-pad, forward for faster, back for slower, left for full impulse., right activates fire all for Phasers, Torpedoes, or all weapons depending on if you hit X, Y or B

Now I changed the mappings on the left stick to allow turning, and pitch with that stick. and because of my play style have the cam set to chase cam, and have any option that selects tab target style targeting turned off so my only attacking is done line of sight. It's just me but I can't stand tab targeting or "selected" targeting because it can switch targets on you, or get you attacking an unintentional target, but that's just me.

Here's the mappings:

Joystick2_Left "+left"
Joystick2_Right "+right"
Joypad_Up "throttleadjust .25"
Joypad_Down "throttleadjust -.25"
Joypad_Left "GenSendMessage Throttle_FullImpulse_Button FullThrottle"
Joy1 "Interactwindow"
Joy2 "ScanForClickies"
Joy4 "UseTrayslot0 4"
Joy11 "UseTrayslot0 0"
Joy12 "UseTrayslot0 1"
Bb "UseTrayslot0 2"
Ab "UseTrayslot0 3"
Ltrigger+xb "UseTrayslot1 0"
Ltrigger+yb "UseTrayslot1 1"
Ltrigger+bb "UseTrayslot1 2"
Ltrigger+ab "UseTrayslot1 3"
Ltrigger+rstick "UseTrayslot1 4"
Lb+xb "UseTrayslot2 0"
Lb+yb "UseTrayslot2 1"
Lb+bb "UseTrayslot2 2"
Lb+ab "UseTrayslot2 3"
Lb+rstick "UseTrayslot2 4"
Rtrigger+rstick "UseTrayslot1 9"
Rtrigger+xb "UseTrayslot1 5"
Rtrigger+yb "UseTrayslot1 6"
Rtrigger+bb "UseTrayslot1 7"
Rtrigger+ab "UseTrayslot1 8"
Rb+xb "UseTrayslot2 5"
Rb+yb "UseTrayslot2 6"
Rb+bb "UseTrayslot2 7"
Rb+ab "UseTrayslot2 8"
Joy6 "(null)"
Rb+rstick "UseTrayslot2 9"
Lstick+rstick "UseTrayslot0 9"
Lstick+xb "UseTrayslot0 5"
Lstick+yb "UseTrayslot0 6"
Lstick+bb "UseTrayslot0 7"
Lstick+ab "UseTrayslot0 8"
Joypad_Right+xb "GenSendMessage HUD_Root FirePhasers"
Joypad_Right+yb "GenSendMessage HUD_Root FireTorps"
Joypad_Right+bb "GenSendMessage HUD_Root FireAll"
Joypad_Right+ab ""