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02-03-2012, 05:18 AM
Here's a follow up from my first attempt. First off, glad you fixed the bug that prevented me from completing the mission the first time and for going to Evil70th to get a good spell-checking/grammar/plot run through.

First off, your maps are well done and anyone can see the effort you put into them. It's really nice the level of detail you strove to sneak things in. I really like seeing that in any map I play.

Your mission feels and plays a lot like the standard Cryptic missions. I think that is a good and solid benchmark, especially for anyones early or first mission. That said, like a lot of those missions there is a lot of combat involved. A lot of folks like that, and it could get you some good play-throughs if you mention it being Combat Heavy as an ooc comment in your mission blurb people see when searching missions. However, if you ever feel like cutting back the combat, you could probably remove half the combat groups, without adjusting makeup or size, and still keep it entertaining.

There are two comments I have that I suggest you look into: When the enemy captain beams in, taunts you, and then beams out, while on the Tuskegee it doesn't seem to flow well. (The fact that beaming a contact out doesn't actually make them disappear permanently doesn't help either.) You can probably accomplish the desired feel of a taunting enemy with a Dialog box alone, from the enemy using the ship's intercom perhaps?

The second is near the end, when the Klingon vessel warps out, the method you use to make the final objective appear mechanically could be dangerous. Since it involves using a reach marker and the reach marker appearing when a player is in the space doesn't trigger it. Unknowing players will assume the mission isn't progressing due to a bug. I know this has to do with getting the right trigger states to have the ship warp out, and is mainly due to foundry limitations; but you may need to try to figure another way to work around using a reach marker. Perhaps an object interact that then triggers the warp out?

Getting a BitesizedUGC review with your mission is something you should be proud of and I do hope though that many more people get play with what you made here.