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02-03-2012, 05:52 AM

- Death penalty. Respawning on the spot within a few secs is ridiculous. At least have us beamed up to the ship again in ground mission deaths (which is exactly what would happen in the series) or emergency-warp us out of the instance for space missions. And include injuries/damage even at normal difficulty starting with Leutenant.

- Add a 100% flat&black ground map to the foundry.

- Allow crafting in all central hubs.


-Add the following feature to the foundry: Any published mission has to mandatory state starting point, level range, ground/space/interior theme, length, rpg-action leverage. Include these categories in the search function.

-Revamp fleet actions in a way that a tracker for each sector is added how "secure" it is. Tie both player AND Doff missions to that tracker so that more/better missions are available if the sector is "secure". This way fleet efforts could make a real impact in the game. this tracker should be influenced by both PvE and PvP actions.

- Install a tracker that checks which random missions a player has allready finished and make the engine not reapeat any of those when the player is getting a random one on exploration missions - until the player has done all missions at least once, then the tracker is reset.


- Introduce crafting skills for player characters with different Tactical, Science and Engineer options. Introduce career-exclusive recipes (Tactical for weapons etc.). Give Boffs also crafting skills and let them have a part in the process.

- Introduce seperate story arcs for Tactical, Engineer and Science careers beside the main arcs.

- Create guidelines for Foudry missions that are to become official random missions while on exploration. Make some of those Foundry missions official (less work for you, more variety for us)