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02-03-2012, 07:06 AM
What needs to be put in place is a more detailed reviewing system. When someone wants to rate a mission, they MUST fill out a review of it. The new review system should incorporate several questions with a drop-down list box for answers. Sorta like:

1. Did you find the story in this mission engaging? a) Not at all. b) Below Average. c) Average. d) Above Average. e) Great Story.

And then have the default selected value for each question be the highest possible rating. That way, if someone wants to purposefully enter low ratings, they have to go to a lot of work to change all of the drop-down list selections.

This type of "questionaire review" will also help Foundry authors better understand how to improve their missions and where their missions may be lacking.

There should also be the "Other Comments" box like what the review system is now, but I think a more structured review system is in order.