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02-03-2012, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by sunsetjoy
Same lagging here. I downloaded the client and installed on 01.24 maybe, before the last patch (I think when b.1 patched to b.6 version).
Before the last patch, I am capable to play smoothly everywhere, got lieutnant level 2 or 3. After patch... lag, rubber, disconnect all the time. Mostly lag of course.

I thought: maybe the yesterday maintenance will fix it. No...

I haven't good internet, and playing from Europe, but then why am I capable playing several hours without this lagerrors? My PC is very capable, I think (E6300@2,86, 4 GB DDR2, Geforce9600GT).
My PC is bugfree, installed 1 month ago, updated drivers, so on...

Please, examine and think about this problem!
After 1 days from this message, patched. It was very fine.
For another 2 days (next patch)... it was bit laggy. And another patch----> unplayable.

After getting into space, the ui doesn't load fully, the mission list sometimes loaded, sometimes not, the ship dont move, the submenus don't work, and some untranslated text shown in certain areas, menus.

What is the problem?