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# 1 Looking for a "story writer".
02-03-2012, 09:08 AM
Hey guys, I am getting a hand of foundry and things are working quite well, but it takes me a while to think up some great story (other than the one i am working on right now, but I am looking forward to create new projects).

If anyone has a "gift" of writing stories but don't feel like to work around foundry or doesn't have time for that we could combine our skills and create our own stories in Foundry. You provide the story, I'll integrate it into foundry as much as foundry features allow.

Donítí expect to be paid or rewarded. But your name will be mentioned in mission details that I can promise. If someone will tip dilithium I will gladly share it with you .

If anyone of you had a great story they'd dreamed about putting into STO but lacked foundry skills or time creating it or have a ready written story or would like to write, please contact me. Letís start with PM on STO website.

- Your story has to be considerably short, we don't want players to get stuck in one mission for too long but we don't want it to feel too short either. One hour max. If you already have longer story written we can try to break it into episodes.
- Your story has to change between activities and dialogues. We don't want players to get stuck on one dialogue for too long and end up reading a book instead of playing a game. So reading part have to stay considerably short and has to follow with some active event that allows player to use their away team or ship to keep them engaged and occupied. It doesn't always have to be battle, can be puzzle solution or some other type of event that involves interaction with people/objects.
- Don't get too deep into description of things, events, biographies, etc etc. This would create a long dialogue-like session that we don't want player to be stuck on.
- Try to keep story interesting and engaging so that player doesn't fall asleep.

Note: I won't be able to transfer your story into a foundry mission exactly as you've imagined it on the paper. I will communicate with you to let you know which parts may potentially not make it into a foundry mission, or which parts may need to be simplified or restructured due to foundry limitations.

Basically you all played STO and you know how missions work in STO. Dialogue screens are not endless, so the dialogue, stories, descriptions, backgrounds shouldn't be longer than a few paragraphs and if they have to be broken into a multiple pieces mix them with other mission elements to make it more interesting.

Looking forward to your PMs.