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02-03-2012, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by Grannamoth
I played PvP today and it's seriously wacked, I was getting wacked with one or two Fed shots and I'm running a T5 BoP with Rare and Very Rare components. The feds knocked me out within seconds and I have played and held my own before, I cna only imagine they've hacked something as that kind of power places the game in the hands of a few. I can take a beating but one shot? gimme a break!
Originally Posted by AZSteel
Boo Hoo.

The majority of Feds deal with this every time they PvP.

I haven't played in months but tried a few times in the last couple of days, since I was forced to respec my character, I lost the original settings I had and before, I could hold my own at least half the time, now, as it is, I can last only by keeping engine batteries on hand so I can escape.

As it is now, I doubt I will PvP after this week....
Originally Posted by jeykool View Post
My experience is that the Klingons win... Always...

I've fought in just about 100 PvP arena matches, all fed vs klink, all with klink victories.
In fact, it's unusually to see more than 2 or 3 fed points in these matches. I know that I myself am new to PvP and it's more subtle than PvE, but there are serious balance issues. I should have seen at least 1 fed victory in 100 matches...
I've got some important news for you guys...

This is a game where power selection / ship piloting / teamwork > gear and individual play. Every single time. Just a thought...