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02-03-2012, 04:36 PM
Playing the auction house is as much a game as anything else. The people who want to spend the time to gauge market value and buy/sell for profit will make more money. If you don't want to spend that time, then you have to be satisfied with making less money than them.

The more you sell, the more you'll have an idea of what things are worth. The next time someone puts an item that's undervalued, you can be the one to buy it and sell it back at a higher price.

FWIW, you bet I will take advantage if I see someone accidentally sell a stack of items for the price of a single item, or if they leave out a '0' and sell something for 10 times less than what it's worth. My experience is that stuff sells pretty quickly so if I didn't do it, someone else will within 10 minutes.