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# 1 C-Store Gifting and Wishlists
02-03-2012, 04:14 PM
They need to add a "Gift" button next to the "Buy" button in the c-store allowing us to buy gifts for others.

All it would have to do, is come up with a little prompt with a field for the person’s name, same as when you send them mail or invite them to your bridge, and that person would get a nice little e-mail saying that “So and so had bought the such and such on the C-Store”, and where they could redeem it from.

This would help bring more money into the game to keep it running, and would be helpful to many players who might not be able to afford their own C-Points, or simply might not buy them anyway.

This would also open up the possibility of players being able to make their own wish lists on the C-Store. Fleets could help out their members by getting them better ships they would not otherwise be able to get. They could have it so you could donate C-Points to items of one your friend’s or fleet member’s wishlists, or even buy the item for the person.

Say “Timmy” wants a new Multi-Vector Advanced Escort. But for whatever reason he can not afford the 2,000c. Maybe he's 13 and has no allowance, maybe he blew all his C-Points on the Tactical Escort Retrofit or simply is to cheap to spend the $25 himself at 7-11 for a PWE game card.

But if he puts it on his wish list then maybe some of his buddies in his fleet with a few extra C-Points laying around can pitch in and buy it for him, or maybe just one person who likes to throw around money might up and buy the thing outright for him.

People will buy things for people’s birthday, fleets might do Secret Santas with C-Store items, or a group might buy some fleet member a new ship in hopes that they might be a more valuable member to fleet. Some might even buy random stuff for strangers because they have 240c burning a hole in their pocket, and that random level 1 character over there looks like they are in need of a FED Starter Pack.

Overall, it will give reasons for people to spend more money on C-Points, so the game can continue to run and operate and release new updates, but it also will let the players help out their in game friends and fleet members.

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