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Hello there this thread is mainly to announce 2 story projects I will be working on and writing a series on both I am also going to share the plot, some background on the two ships ( which are two separate stories) and how both of them are unique in their own right. Perhaps you may say, one more unique than the other.
Both stories take place in same time line as the game, during the Klingon War specifically. The two ships often find them selves on the front and dealing with many of the Classic Star trek- improbable circumstances.

The U.S.S. Dallas NCC-949400 .Star Gazer Class
The Dallas is a ship Considered unlucky by some less logical- Its Captain is Elane U. Chekov. The Half Human, Half Vulcan Great Grand Daughter of Commander Pavel A. Chekov who Served most notably aboard the Enterprise some time before. Her first officer is a Exiled Ferengi, Her weapons officer is a Klingon and her cheif of engineering is well...insane... The Dallas is a ship that, perhaps by pure chance, Finds it self almost constantly in over its head... but she has brought her crew home time and time again. It is Said trouble always follows the Dallas, and so some people call it Unlucky... most jokingly but some seem to take it seriously.

Notes about the Captain:
I wanted to create a Character for the ship that was kind of like a Female Kirk, She is Intelligent but Embarrassing.. Logical but also Liberal in her attitude. She is No None sense... Sexy and Over the top kind of personality. She is an adventurer when time permits, a Warrior when duty demands and a Diplomat when opportunity presents. She is in some ways, The kind of Cowboy captain Star fleet avoids and in other ways she is out standing example of everything they stand for.

The U.S.S. Ballard NCC- 844218-E . Galaxy Class (?)
The Ballard couldn't be more different from the Dallas, Except that its crew is also Unusual... And the ship is considered by some to be bad luck. But for very different reasons... The Ballard is a ship that does not exist according to Star Fleet registry. It is a Black Operations Unit... one of Very few, Her exploits are legendary but many of them are never known.

The Captain is a man who is some times called indifferent by those who don't know Better. A Cardassian,Hybrid he is known to be among the most level headed of the crew...which,isn't saying much!

The first officer is a Human Female who wears a mask for reasons few people know, few of the senior officers on the ship have ever seen her without it, she wears a modified combat uniform to hide any bodily features... because of this rumors roam the ship about what she may look like under the armor- But she is known as being a hard *** and even a bit creepy at times.

The Chief engineer is a womanizer, a gambler and some times known as being a drunkard as well. Yet he is, at his best a Legendary engineer in his own right. Despite his many faults he has never failed to get the job done.

Chief Medical officer: Committed suicide due exposure to a Klingon Bio-weapon. E.M.H who's program was modified by the Chief Engineer has been filling the role for some time.