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02-03-2012, 04:41 PM
Enjoying the show so far, and loving Al's chat. (Such a soothing voice, eh?) Pretty awesome that he's friends with Vince Zampella. Hot scoops! Now we need more missions with dolphins and whales and AUG-HBARs.

I rather wish the press releases (aka Dev Diaries) were reported with a little more... analysis or at least context. James parroted DD#16 about STO appearing on Steam, without the tiny bit of context that D'Angelo was talking about Steam's Free Games section and not its catalogue. James made it sound "totally new, tell your friends." Yes, do tell your friends! But I bought STO on Steam last summer on a $5 sale. Been launching it using Steam ever since.

First paragraph:
Today, Star Trek Online joins the Steam free-to-play games list. Steam and STO have a long history together, with STO’s digital download version being a popular title in Steam’s portfolio of top tier games. We’re happy to continue being part of the Steam community now that STO has moved to F2P.
Nitpicky sure, I admit. And I'm sorry that it bugged me enough to write about. But I don't believe there's such a thing as being too accurate in news reporting. Not in an age with circular wikipedia references. Context and analysis is what separates facts from fan service.