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02-03-2012, 06:38 PM
Originally Posted by Grouchy.Otaku
The problem is... Cryptics current income model is based on the assumption that C-Points (and the associated Dilithium) cannot be transfered between accounts, and your proposal assumes that this will happen, (which would really open up the gates to potential Gold Farming...)

About the closest thing you can do is that you can purchase a 'virtual' Cryptic Point Card to someone so that they can make their own C-Store Purchases.
Actually, from my understanding of what ChibiQ is proposing, C-Points never get transferred between players.

Pretty much it'd go like this:
Person A would like Item 1 from the C-Store, but cannot afford it. So they put it on their wishlist.
Person B is a friend of Person A and notices the wishlist entry.
Person B purchases Item 1 as a gift for Person A.
Person A receives Item 1 as if they themselves had purchased it.

At no point were C-Points transferred between players. Think of it as a form of "Buying via Proxy".

And the whole "Donating towards an item" process is pretty much the same, the C-Points would go towards a pool to purchase the item, but at no time does the C-Points actually get transferred between players. My guess is that if the item were to be removed from the wishlist before the amount was met, the C-Points would be "refunded" back to the original donator.

The donate system would be a challenge to set up, it is a complex request after all, but the gifting system should be easy in comparison. (Unless the C-Store backend is just programmed in such a way that it is impossible to do.)