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02-03-2012, 07:46 PM
only have one thing to sugest /request and its probably been suggested


maybe a limited engagement type thing

35 vs 35

id make it an assault type thing centered around a starbase captured and held by the defending fleet ...attacking fleet has a certain amount of time to destroy defenses and the defending players ships in space around the base then beam in and do a ground assault to capture the main operations center of the base

timed event

the battle can be restarted at any time during that time period by the attacking fleet if they all die or decide to regroup and try again but doing so will allow the defenders to re ship and regroup as well ...the game begins from scratch no respawn no revive ...once you die your dead till that battle is over

defenses do not regenerate

if the attacker captures the operations center within the allotted time they gain control of the starbase and earn whatever perks come with it (im sure we could think of something maybe a special ship unique to that starbase which can only be used by the controling fleet )

if the defending fleet succeeds in keeping the attacker away for the specified time they retain control of the starbase

the longer you own a starbase the better the perks get and the more defenses you can purchase so on and so fourth

this promotes fleet actions and creates a whole new arena of pvp gameplay for the STO pplz to enjoy