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02-04-2012, 01:46 AM
I have only 2 suggestions at the moment for mid-term goals, though if they can be done in the short-term, all the better.

First, here’s an idea I had to help encourage people to play together more often when leveling – why not increase the frequency rate at which items drop from mobs/critters by 1% for the number of people you’re teamed up with? It doesn’t have to be an increase in the drop quality, just the drop frequency. And having a bonus of frequency of 2%-5% isn’t a lot, but still might feel significant overall. Heck, increasing by 2% for each team member other than yourself would give a frequency increase of 2%-8%; still small, but nothing to scoff at, and with more drops happening, that gives players more reason to either team up with people they know, or even use the “Open Group” feature. Because it only affects the drop frequency a small amount, not the drop quality, the difficulty settings would (I think) not really be affected drastically, and would retain their balance. Players who want to play solo would not be penalized, the base drop rate would remain the same. Maybe if people that increasing that will bring too many green or higher quality items into the economy; if it's possible, perhaps keep the increase of rate to common items only?

I’d also tweak the Squad system (which allows players of any level to team up and match the general level of the squad/team leader) so that when people of various levels join an Open Group, the system automatically sets the squad leader and play level to the lowest team member’s rank or level band. That might allow more people of various levels to meet up in Open Team groups across the board, and still keep some balance.