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02-04-2012, 07:33 AM
I posted this already, but I think I did it in another thread; at any rate, I'm not seeing it here (I think it was in one of the Foundry Features threads).

Basically, have someone comb through every clothing piece in Champions Online, cutting out most tights, capes, and other pieces that seem specific to the Champions Universe IP or the superhero look in general. That should leave a variety of casual and formal clothing, fantasy-genre wear, and other period pieces.

Then have someone do something similar with whatever you have at Neverwinter.

In the various TV series, how often did the crew either travel back in time, enter the holodeck (or holosuite) into a period piece, encounter a pre-warp native species (often with a remarkably Earth-like culture), or find some other reason to wear older styles? (The NX-01 is the only one for which I cannot think of any specific examples.)

Also, maybe they have a personal reason to wear these things. Maybe my captain is from Beta Iotia, and wears a pin-striped zoot suit when off duty. So why not?