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02-04-2012, 08:37 AM
Create a time zone option in the launch application so that system updates/news is displayed in our chosen time zone.

Stop doing game updates/maintenance during prime playing times - (I'm thinking 4-6 AM Eastern).

Little by little, begin to incorporate starship and station interiors to canon technical manual specifications and PROPER SCALE!

Eventually (and in conjunction with the suggestion many others have made regarding massive and seamless sector space) allow for sector travel of your starship to continue while in the interior of your starship.

In conjunction with both of the above I would like to eventually see an option to play the game in a more realistic first-person role-playing mode whereby control of your starship would take place from the bridge, away missions would require walking to either the ship's transporter room or shuttlebay, and where any number of other mission or simply social activities would take place from the first-person inside your starship's interior.