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02-04-2012, 08:09 AM
I have re-unified the fragments of my Houses power Taken b Jm Pok
the Protege of the Treasonous Duras House.

His only redeeming grace has been his MArtok like focus on crushing the UNdine Menace..
We have obtained the New Brutas Class Battlecruiser.. a True Empire Ship and the True successor to our or V' cha

I am meeting with the Federation officers that we could trust in the Dominion War... They will allow a safe
passage to Calamus II. I cannot take anything before the Console.. Which is satisfied with a foolish trench warfare with the Federation. We know the Federation was compromised y Undine.

The proud Vulcans ambassador to SOIl themselves has shamed them . We must seek the Secrets of Cadmus and add it to our power.. B Vat B Vat tried to Rab the Doomsday. that sort of subtlety is not going to work his
love affair with the strange mutations and misreadings of the Miral Paris fortellins has me concerned for the Empire. We need more leadership it is a time ripe for Insurrection to replace the leadership that wasted our ships The federation would never actively attack us if we had redeemed the lost of Face our
General Worf took at the Romulan hands. We must attack the Romulans they have the most direct connection to the Iconians Hakeves secrets ... My agents left a clone of Janek... to buy time her information is difficult to obtain. hopefully Callus will review what we need.. it is a great risk to gain a paradigm shift