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02-04-2012, 03:27 PM
Originally Posted by EvilPlushToy View Post
Its not actually just one server, they just aren't separated into to different world servers like most MMOs, which even then is probably not just one actual server. I think this is why they usually refer to it as a shard. whatever that means >.>
Well it would be nice if they worked on capacity or something, something to make things run a little faster.

I know I have some faults because I'm probably playing on an unsupported graphics card (since both WoW and LotRO said that I was), but those games still ran smoothly with extremely low chances of graphical hiccups when I ran them at lowest graphics like I do with STO. So, I'm willing to bet the large load times I'm getting is because of how many people are on said server/shard.

Edit: I mean hiccups because I don't just experience long load times, but also I have horrible lag. It isn't my connection/internet because I've played the bigger MMOs with more people in game and have never experienced such lag.

Heck, the Q event is horrible, because the game lags to a point that some how my running is slower than his, even though it shouldn't be. Same thing happens with clicking, I can click okay on something or to talk to somebody and nothing happens, then I click again and wait and finally it inputs it. Though usually it seems that pressing "F" works faster and better than clicking, but really that shouldn't happen. The load and lag needs to be dealt with.