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02-04-2012, 02:29 PM
As I said in my last post I am a relatively new member only 200 days, but I still remember my first day.

When I first started the game I was amazed by the opining, especially the cinematic, but one thing has been nagging me sense that day. I shall now recall to you my thoughts when I reached Earth space dock: WOW, that's Earth Space Dock. OMG, the doors are opening for my ship. Maneuvering thrusters, this is going to be EPIC. Then, the loading screen of disappointment. Did anyone think of putting a docking animation there, nothing fancy, nothing long, but just a fly by like in the Search for Spok. I know what you're going to say, but that's going to bug anyone who just wants to get in and out. Simple answer, no, it won't, for one reason, anybody that just wants to get in and out uses the button dock, I mean that is why the Devs put it there. Hay, just had a brain wave, maybe they could do something like what they did for the Odyssey. I just think that this simple change would really make a difference, and attract more treky gamers.

My rant is now over, I shall return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

Additional: Like what they did with the Odyssey, but would like a change in back ground music, something a little more epic.