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02-04-2012, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by Quark_Kent View Post
No, it's a perfectly appropriate analogy, and there are a lot more than two trucks on the Route Cryptic bridge right now. Cryptic has been up without unscheduled downtime better than 99.9 percent of the time since F2P went live, and this Anniversary/Q weekend is a a rare event with quite a bit of customer draw built in. Rather than making guesses about how many trucks are going over the bridge, I'm just going to point out F2P, Q and the Anniversary weekend and say "shrug." It's not surprising. No one would build their data infrastructure to support that kind of spike in user load. That's a major undertaking, and a company wouldn't shell out for that kind of project without a very, very strong business case -- not just because the customers are going to rush the servers one weekend in February.

I understand that you're frustrated. I am too. But I think your expectations are more than a little unreasonable. Just have a little patience.
I'm not frustrated at all, I am just saying that this was preventable, and that saying it isn't is just silly. Let's look at your rush hour analogy. You have a small corridor that has a lot of traffic on it, the traffic moves at a crawl, sometimes stopping, but generally moving forward

Now let's look at mine, you have a section that when subjected to the right load, the infrastructure collapses and results in a total stoppage.

If there is an absolute load to a bridge, you design it so that that amount cannot be crossed. This is traditionally the purpose of a Login Queue. If it is a overload problem, it is totally preventable.

Now I will concede that if it is a situation like lightning hit their server facility and slagged a ton of their infrastructure, it's unavoidable and unforeseeable. Otherwise, they had the ability to prepare for this, and denying that doesn't do anyone any good.