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02-04-2012, 03:34 PM
Originally Posted by The_Orig_Jean_Luc_Picard
Check to make sure Windows in the mixer didn't mute the client. Had a few other fleet members that had this issue and that's what the problem was. Again its the Windows mixer, not the volume settings in game that needs to be checked.
Thanks for the tip, i went through and checked it all. Everything is set correctley. Sound works great in every other game, and windows itself. For some reason, i just have no sound in sound of any kind.
either the patch did it, (because before patch it worked just fine) or there is some hotkey mix that mutes all sound from game that i may have hit. Are you aware of any hotkeys to mute sound? thanks..
Sincerely, a very confused frustrasted person. you think Cryptic would mind making the entire game black and white for me? Afterall, im playing a silent movie...