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02-04-2012, 05:38 PM
Originally Posted by CaptPeacemaker
Im glad this topic was here.

I was about to go crazy trying to solve this problem with the flickering backgrounds, transparent stars and planets, and the weird anamoly that sometimes occurs as you approach a planet. It will start out as a hole in space, and then the planet will suddenly come into existance slowly from the middle of the hole.
Yep, I've seen that one recently too. I think it was after I'd left my laptop running for a while but idle and it'd maybe gone to a black screen, then when I came back everything else in the scene re-rendere, except the planet. Thought my GPU was flaking out. But as I flew toward the planet, the planet slowly appeared in the center of the blacked out hole. Weird.

So, I guess +1 to that too.

What computer specs / GPU you running. Radeon-based?