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I went into my account dashboard and added my Credit Debit Card and the system charged me the usual $1.00 for authentication for my credit card, then I selected my 3 month subscription, but it hasn't charged me yet. It does say the following in my subscription information:

Recurring 3-Month ACTIVE
Next Billing Date: Feb 4 2012
Credit Card Last Four Digits: (Of course I deleted the card digits for security reasons)
Subscribed For: 0.01 days

I am guessing they will be charging me shortly, but how long exactly is 0.01 days? I gather the " 0. " means, less than a full day, then the " 0.0 " possibly meaning hours, so would " 0.01 " mean in 1 hour?

If anyone knows that would be very helpful information for me, but possibly if it does mean 1 hour, then most likely, by the time I get a reply to my post I may already have been charged, but there was another question I needed to ask.

I got told that when you make a subscription, that I would get 400 CP's so would that be 400 CP's per 1 month, meaning that I might get 1200 CP's 400 x 3?

As you can see, I am a bit confused with all of this and any information given would be enormously beneficial for me, and the quicker I can get it, the better I can be ready for it.

Thanks everyone