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02-05-2012, 12:38 AM
I'm new, but I already read up on and realized the obvious advantage creating an Alien character has. I OCD over whether or not I'm gimping myself and I also OCD over the fact that I want to be a Human for all my characters, not Alien. But in the end I made an alien that looks exactly like a human, as I want all my characters to be human, but since rolling Alien gives such an obvious advantage, I did that. I made a Tactical Career Alien with 4 space traits Accurate, Efficient, Elusive, and Warp Theorist. I wanted to just have characters that can do both space and ground combat great, but I figured it would probably be best to just have characters dedicated to either space or ground fully via traits. However, I still wish I could do both great on one character instead of feeling like I need to have characters devoted to either Space fully or Ground fully via traits. I hope the traits system gets a huge makeover asap.

Anyways, on to my question.

Now though, I want to make an Engineer. Is the Human space trait Leadership worth it? Or should I just make another human alien with all 4 space traits? If so, should I just go with Accurate, Efficient, Elusive, and Warp Theorist again?