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02-05-2012, 01:54 AM
Originally Posted by Rotlh
Thanks for the tip, i went through and checked it all. Everything is set correctley. Sound works great in every other game, and windows itself. For some reason, i just have no sound in sound of any kind.
either the patch did it, (because before patch it worked just fine) or there is some hotkey mix that mutes all sound from game that i may have hit. Are you aware of any hotkeys to mute sound? thanks..
Sincerely, a very confused frustrasted person. you think Cryptic would mind making the entire game black and white for me? Afterall, im playing a silent movie...
You probably already know it, but I just have to say for the sake of tech issues, was the game running when you checked the windows mixer? Each program now has its own volume control, but it has to be running for you to see it in the mixer. If STO is running and you open the mixer, make sure the speaker at the bottom doesn't have a slash through it. You can get to the mixer by right clicking your speaker in your taskbar down by the clock. If your task bar icons are hidden, you will have to click the small triangle next to the clock to get them to show.

Let me know what you find out.