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02-05-2012, 07:47 AM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
Swap everything out for Phaser. Without exception.

This isn't an Odyssey, it is a Galaxy-X, and Phaser will always be the best weapon type for us.

Your broadside is currently your best DPS arc. You have a fast loading torpedo. This means you're constantly forced to swap arcs to maximize your damage output.

This is bad.

Either swap for a Trico up front, or lose the Torpedo altogether imho. Allows you to maintain your primary DPS a lot longer before being forced to swap around.

Get rid of the DHC. Replace with either a DBB, or another Array. You gain absolutely no benefit from this one "rogue" weapon and is a waste (unless you have Cannon Rapid Fire equipped for this one weapon, which is again, a HUGE waste). Use a weapon that compliments your others.

Make sure you have 2x EPtW to maintain that many beams.

With a Trico fore, a rear torpedo will mess with your global cooldowns. Get rid of it in favor of another Array. Greater sustained output.

Torpedoes... ANY torpedo... is only useful when an enemy's facing shield is disabled anyway. Harder to achieve this rear, making that torpedo nearly meaningless by comparison to the damage output sustained you can maintain with an Array in its place.
Sorry I meant the post before your last one, I bought new Phaser weapons.