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02-05-2012, 09:42 AM
Short term : An healing tribble equivalent for races that can't use them.

I know it seems like it's not a big deal but in some places (Defera Borg invasion), having this out of combat heal makes a huge difference and there's no reason I should have access to it on my Orion and Lethean and not oon my Klingon and Nausicaan. I suggest a Bloodwine cup usable only by Klingons, Nausicaans and Gorns with the very same effect as the Tribbles.

Mid term : More Kits or Kit customisation

I love Chronitron Mines but hate every other power on the Enemy Neutralization Kit. I wish we could have some more kits so we have at least two choices to get that power we like or go all the way and allow us to customize our kits with some restrictions.

Long term :Trait system overhaul

When I joined STO back at launch, I picked my traits at random on my first characters because I had no idea what they did and the game wasn't exactly straighforward about it. With all the changes that occured on skills these past two years, I think it's about time to review the trait system, allow us to respec them if we messed up (lucky for me I picked some great traits even with my random choices) and take a look at active traits, 2 to 3 min cooldown is pretty harsh on those very flavor/situational abilities.