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02-05-2012, 10:18 AM
My D'kyr has never been a complete slouch in DPS. I have always loved it: D'Kyr in Action

Being an Engineer in a Science Vessel is NOT ideal though to be honest... Engineers in Science ships do not have a lot to add to the ship to make it good. You would be a lot more effective in an Escort but I digress.

Seems how you have a decent shield heal and a nice butt saving button (Miracle Worker) your defenses are a bit more covered even before using BOFF skills. You can focus a bit more Science on killing. Tyken's III is absolutely BRUTAL on NPC's (And not bad in PvP if they ever fix the bug with it). Tractor Beam and Eject Warp Plasma 1 are your friends. Boost up your particle damage skill and you can deal some notable damage this way. Get ships stuck and then Tyken's them and let them cook. Attack Pattern Beta or Beam Overload 2 are both good damage dealing options.

You can also use Tachyon Beam III to help really slam enemy shields into the dust. Scramble Sensors helps to dispense with groups of enemies real fast and is a nightmare for enemies in PvP. Viral Matrix is a bit weak these days but it can be very annoying to an opponent as their systems will shudder while they are trying to execute their attack.

I would recommend Disruptors for their look and their Stacking Resistance Debuff which will make ALL your attacks hurt more (Beams, Torp, Plasma, Tykens etc etc...). You can use whatever Torp you like. A Tricobalt to bare hull is NASTY but I prefer the Hargh'Peng with Disruptors. Getting all that hull damage with all the burns can be a real boon to killing enemies with a Science ship. USE your innate Subsystem Targeting skills and Dual Beam Banks up front and Arrays or Turrets in the rear. Use your EPS Power Transfer ability before shooting off your sci abilities that need power to Aux and before your Beam Overload. Use Nadian Inversion to keep your weapon power high.

Most will tell you to keep your Aux a priority but I would recommend a Plasma console and the Borg console and keep your weapon and shield power nice and high if you want to deal any damage. Use your Captain ability to help boost your aux when you need and batteries.