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02-05-2012, 12:14 PM
Im an engineer and I did this last night. All other attempts/weapons/shields failed and we kept dying for a good 30 mins. He was even able to kill us outside of the shield. We noticed when a medic got close to him he stayed alive a lot longer when he was doing melee hand to hand, and the boss didnt move during that. As soon as the shield dropped I went in with a nanopulse batleth, got behind him, crouched and started wailing once the mission started. If the other team members attack, he will move. They were able to heal and watch.The key is to keep him attacking you and stay crouched. If he pushes you away immediately get back in his business. It took a while with the batleth(3mins?) my fingers were tired punching the 123 keys, but finally he died. I didnt have to shield heal, and i was able to use orbital strike, but it didnt seem to make a difference, but the batleth did. The batleth is nothing special, 45 damage and 89 dps if i remember right.