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02-05-2012, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by sunsetjoy
After 1 days from this message, patched. It was very fine.
For another 2 days (next patch)... it was bit laggy. And another patch----> unplayable.

After getting into space, the ui doesn't load fully, the mission list sometimes loaded, sometimes not, the ship dont move, the submenus don't work, and some untranslated text shown in certain areas, menus.

What is the problem?

I am used this command on chat: /netgraph 1
And I saw the very high ping, 300 to 2000 ms at sometime, when froze-lag.

I thought that before, the distance-related ping is the reason: the server in USA (i think, the pacific side), and my computer in Central-Europe.

I switched on the EU proxy, the ping goes down to 180-250 ms, and everything is faster loading, no rubberbanding, unmovable ship and character...