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Originally Posted by kalic89
ohhh sorry i am not on the ball today
I know that feeling. Happens all too often to myself the recent times.
The point was that STF65 had said "The constellation class has been upgraded to the new Stargazer class." which doesn't really make that much sense since those are two entirely different classes that just happen to have the same number of nacelles.

Thus Superchum's strange line, which is just as nonsensical as the Stargazer thingy.

Originally Posted by kalic89
you know what i never got about the episode where you do see the Enterprise C. In the Undiscovered country they estimated that the Klingons had 50 years of life left to it because of Praxis. So surely the Federation in that time line should be all over the Klingons and not having there butts handed to them.
Real-world explanation:
"Yesterday's Enterprise" release 19 February 1990

"Star Trek VI" release 6 December 1991

so there's a continuity glitch.

in universe I'm not sure there ever was one.
I only know that some of the novels like "Serpents Among the Ruis" and "The Art of the Impossible" shed some light on this and indicate that after the Federation had helped the Klingons it still took forver for the Klingons to accept the Federation as their true allies.
This was for the most part due to the idiots that ruled after Gorkon's daughter had been...retired.

So I guess this means 50 years without any outside help.

The KDF kept using ships that had been scheduled for scrapping long after they should have been replaced and only began building new ones by a time they had recovered economically from the Praxis disaster which was approxmately by the time of the Narendra incident.
By that time the Betraka Nebula Incident had forced them to rearm in earnest and if the alternate timeline had become a reality the Klingons would have been going against the Federation with some new classes of ships (that exist only in those novels of course).