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02-05-2012, 01:07 PM
Originally Posted by SYLiam View Post
Right, so here's my current setup:

Dual Phaser Beam Bank Mk. XI
Phaser Cannon Mk. XI
Phaser Cannon Mk. XI
Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk. XII

Phaser Turret Mk. XI
Phaser Turret Mk. XI
Phaser Turret Mk. XI
Phaser Turret Mk. XI

Tactical consoles:
3x Phaser Relay Mk. XI

Anything I should change? Should I use Dual Heavy Cannons instead of Regular Cannons?

I'm not sure if my DPS is good or not.
Nope, do NOT use DHC in the place of regular cannons.

DPS sustained in such a tiny forward arc is meaningless. You lose so much time trying to keep every target in that tiny 45 degrees that you're better off banging your head on a wall.

I still disagree with Quantum... you won't see any huge increase in power because at BEST you're only going to have HY2 (and that is stupid, because you sacrifice your CRF, which means you'll only logically have HY1).

However, a HY Trico or even Plasma would afford a lot more power. A HY Plasma has a reasonable cooldown and twice the power of a Quantum (at HY1 setting).