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02-05-2012, 08:08 PM
Originally Posted by Shingi
Everyone wants that little something which to them is "trek", the team can only do so much at a time.. the whole "ESD loading=docking sequence" thing has been requested repeatedly since they put in the classic ESD last year.. i'm sure once they work out how to do it without screwing everything else up, and have time to work on it they'll get round to putting it in game.
This was awhile ago, so it would be a pain to link too, but i have read that they were looking into some sort of docking sequence cut screen.

What i've heard most often is that some limit to the engine makes space cut screens complicated.

The first time i did the Odyssey shake down mission, the cut screen messed up for me, and instead of showing the Odyssey, it showed my ship. With any luck, they have somewhat resolved this limit to the engine, and we may indeed see a ESD socking sequence in the coming months.